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Online Patient Forms

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  • Zak Bartley

Announcing All-in-One Patient Management Software

Easy to use, web tools for specialty providers

PatientStudio has helped healthcare providers grow their practice and streamline tasks while providing the best patient experience possible.  We believe removing barriers and providing a seamless intake can have the greatest impact on new patient acquisition, retention and patient experience. Today we are announcing easy to use, all-in-one patient management software made for modern healthcare providers.

In a recent study, 80 percent of patients reported that they would switch providers for more digital convenience factors alone.  More patients than ever are switching to providers that offer better online access.  It is estimated that 54% of millennial age patients will switch providers this year.

However, many providers have been handcuffed by legacy software that fails to focus on patient interactions and front office work.

CEO, Derek Sanborn says, “Unlike large hospital systems, small medical offices don’t have large budgets to spend on custom and complex technology, yet they still need to compete with the growing demand of today’s patient. We set out to equip small medical offices with the same powerful tools but make them affordable, easy to use, and intuitive.”

PatientStudio is introducing a new all-in-one patient management suite.  We will now provide powerful patient intake software to increase practice efficiency and modern patient management tools to boost staff and patient experience.

Online Scheduling – Book More Patients With Less Work

According to a recent study, 77 percent of patients considered it important to be able to book, change or cancel appointments electronically.  Additionally, 40% of patients would consider switching providers for better online access.

Online scheduling has become the norm for patients as technologies like Uber, Eventbrite and Amazon have shaped consumer trends.  Customers of all types expect the ability to complete their purchase or reservation without having to speak on the phone.

Book more new patients

When a healthcare practice provides online scheduling as an option, research shows an average 63% of appointments booked online stem from new patients.  This makes sense, your new patient likely found you online via search or reviews and now they can take immediate action to book an appointment online.

Online scheduling is “open” 24/7

It can be difficult for patients to schedule appointments during your office hours. However, online scheduling is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when your practice is closed.

Research shows more than one-third (34%) of appointments scheduled online are booked after hours!

Text Messaging – Skip the phone tag and busy work

PatientStudio has always offered automated text reminders to reduce no-show rates and last minute cancellations.   But what if patients text back?  Actually, 79% of patients say they would like the ability to contact their provider about their appointment.

With our new message center you can easily reschedule an appointment, answer a question or send a check up via text message.  Managing this information in one place makes it easier to reference patient history, notes and appointments to answer their questions.

Online Reviews – Improve your reputation with 5-star reviews

Online reviews are a impactful way for any practice or provider to market themselves.   67% of patients say online reviews impacted decisions about their provider and 94% of patients say they used online reviews to evaluate a new provider.

With online reviews holding such a high priority at the modern healthcare provider, PatientStudio took steps to automate and improve the process for both providers and patients.  Automatically deploy satisfaction surveys to your patients.  Positive responses will be prompted to leave a 5-star review!

Now customers can quickly generate quality, authentic online reviews by automatically inviting your patients to leave reviews online.  PatientStudio makes it easy for patients to boost your online reputation by sending review requests via SMS and email.

New and Improved Online Patient Forms

PatientStudio is a leading provider of online patient intake forms and a pioneer solution to in-office paper forms.  PatientStudio will continue this emphasis with the newest release of online patient forms.

Guaranteed to be the most beautiful and intuitive online patient forms available, PatientStudio has made it easier than ever for your patients to complete intake forms on a laptop or personal device.

Automatically email patients their packet or make forms available on your website.

Patient Studio is proven to be effective.  More than 90% of patients complete paperwork ahead of their appointment. Eliminate 20-30 minutes of time in a waiting room wasted completing paperwork by hand.

Get Started With PatientStudio

Legacy and server based health technology has handcuffed many providers and prevented them from utilizing modern patient facing tools such as online scheduling, digital patient forms or text communications.

In a technology driven culture where convenience is the most important factor for patients and consumers, PatientStudio makes it easy to offer a modern patient experience customized to each healthcare office/provider.

All of these tools are tied together with a beautiful and easy to use patient management system.  This allows practices to more easily manage patient information, schedules and communications in one place.

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